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Psychotherapy in English

Great therapy can change your life!

Your freedom begins where your trigger ends!

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Hello, I am Evelyn Richter-Schäfer

I encourage people to trust themselves again.
I am working as a systemic psychotherapist with individuals, who are searching for a new path for themselves.
Are you one of them? The following questions may help you to find an answer:

  • What have you learned in your early years – and which triggers do you no longer want in your life?
  • What can you do in order to come into your full abundance? 
  • What is keeping you away from trusting yourself? 

Your healing journey starts here.

Why I love being a therapist. 

I truely believe, that a person, who decided to love and heal oneself, will help to heal our world. We need more such souls that are willinng to heal. 

I encouraging people to embrase their wounds so they can heal on a soul level.
I encourage people to unstuck themselves from old patterns and systems, that no longer fit.
I encourage people to live their life in freedom.

What would change in your life with a bit more encouragement?

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Perspektiven in Therapie & Workshops

How to …. 5 phases in psychotherapy

1. You are more than enough: Relax. You have arrived. The most important step is done. You decided to begin a new path. Breathe. Everything will fall into place. You are safe and welcome with everything. 

2. Discover and connect: We take your topic and discover where it is coming from. We carefully connect dots of influence from your past with present experiences. Don’t be scared – you have already been there. Nothing will overwhelm you. We work careful and courageous. 

3. Love, leave, change it: We start tackeling what we found. Do you want to keep it, change it, leave it behind – or not? Everything is ok just the way it is. I encourage you to follow your inner voice in your on speed. 

4. What does your soul want? Again and again we will listen to your inner voice, your body, your wisdom and integrate it into the question: what do you ant to focus on? Where is your path?

5. Try and try again: Allow yourself to try, stumble and get up again. Allow yourself to succeed and be proud of yourself. Change is constant and success follows the brave!  

Maybe you relate to the topics people come with:

  • I want to learn to love and accept myself. 
  • I want to give myself and my own needs more room.
  • I don’t want to have to perform anymore. I am tired of it.  
  • I no longer want to subordinate my own wellbeing anymore for the sake of others 
  • I want to let to of the grieve of my childhood 
  • I want to feel home within myself in this foreign environment. 
  • I am the black sheep / the sunshine / the good girl of the family – and want to step out of this role
  • There is so much old pain, how can I leave it behind? 
  • The relationship has cost me so much and I am afraid to love again. 
  • I am / have been in a narcistic relationship. My self worth is gone. Where can I start? 
  • Inever felt loved by my mother or father … 
  • I always have the feeling, I have to give and give in order to be loved. It never seems enough. 
  • Letting go of a beloved one. 
  • There is something missing. I don’t feel whole yet. 

You want feel strong and free?
Lets begin!

Your inner decision is made.

You have a few open questions.

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